Webroot.com/Safe Activate

Webroot.com/safe Activate - Enter & Install Webroot With Key Code

When it comes to the data protection present on your device, one can even think to spare a huge amount of money. But webroot.com/safe activate makes the same workout in less amount of money as well as even with high performance than other antivirus software. Having webroot installed on the device makes you feel safer than the other applications. Webroot ensures internet security, email security as well as security from malware and bugs. To remain protected from this malware, bugs and hackers install the webroot safe activation SecureAnywhere today itself. Let's see how can you do the same.

Before downloading and installing the webroot SecureAnywhere software

Product keycode

Webroot keycode is available free as well as in paid form. It is in the form of the simple numeric and alphabetic form available in the group of five. When you purchase the CD it's available just backside of the CD cover. Or it can be available on your mail if you purchase it online.

Webroot.com/safe activate security Code

It's a 4 digit code that one has to create while creating the webroot account. One can use it instead of the password.

To purchase the keycode online

webroot.com/safe activate The free version i.e. 1-month free trial code can be retrieved from the website itself. For the paid version one has to select the proper webroot plan and select whether you require a CD or Through the mail.
  • Open any web browser on the device you need to install the webroot.
  • Navigate to the webroot.com/safe activate official website.
  • Select whether you require the antivirus for home use or for business use.
  • There are various plans available according to the no. of years as well as no. of devices.
  • Select the plan according to the need. you can even view the plan details by clicking on the see details link just below the plan.
  • Click on the add to cart button available below the plan.
  • Webroot will redirect you to the plan details.
  • Select the quantity of the software as well as the form of the webroot keycode you require. you can even purchase the CD by paying some extra amount of money.
  • Now fill up your address details and payment details and complete the process.
  • Webroot will deliver the keycode on your mail within a minute or through CD within some days.

Creating the webroot account after purchasing the webroot subscription

  • Go to webroot.com/secure using the internet browser of your device.
  • Locate the sign-in or my account option on the appeared webpage.
  • Then click on the create account option.
  • Provide the same email address provided to webroot.com/safe while purchasing it and product keycode received on your mail or behind the CD cover.
  • Make a strong password and a security code to log in from any other device.
  • Now click on the register now option and the registration of the account completes after verifying the email address.
  • This completes the account creation step.
  • Now with the help of the product keycode webroot delivers the application software on your account dashboard.

You need to download the application to install webroot on your device

  • Login to your webroot account.
  • Go to the downloads option. here you see the same plan which you purchased from www.webroot.com/safe activate.
  • Click on the plan and a dropdown appears with an install button
  • Here the download of the application starts and it gets downloaded at the desired or selected location on your device.

Installation of (webroot.com/safe activate)

  1. Open the downloaded file of webroot and double click on the setup icon in the webroot folder. Extract it first if not extracted
  2. Then the webroot SecureAnywhere software interface opens that guides you till the webroot fully gets installed on your device
  3. Now after the installer interface opens it will ask for the webroot product key code.
  4. Again give the same email address in the next step and click continue
  5. Here the application installer starts scanning the system to install the desired or suitable application for your device.
  6. After the scan reaches 100%, the application is completely installed on your device. Click on the finish button
  7. This is all about the installation of webroot.
Note: Sometimes the installer stops in between and the process remains incomplete. Here you need to check whether you had installed it previously on the same device. If yes uninstall the previous one or if not contact Webroot.com/safe activate customer service.